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Own the road

Bring your road driving skills up a notch. Learn from a true die-hard driver to get the most out of your car and stay in control of your drive.

Meet the Master

Haslin's days are spent on the track, pushing cars and tyres as far as they'll go – all to discover any possible edge to improve tyre technology. He's based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, but he's constantly travelling to the best tracks in the world, putting tyres to any challenge he can find.

Chief Tyre Tester, with MICHELIN since 1992.

  • Have the foresight

    Keep your eyes ahead, looking far down the road so your movements are always natural and prepared for oncoming conditions.

  • Brake hard with ABS

    ABS systems help to prevent brake lock-up, but they're best when you brake hard, unlike non-ABS systems.

  • Speed out of a skid in front-wheel drive

    In front-wheel drive cars, speed up when you're fish-tailing. It's counter-intuitive, but the momentum will pull you out of the skid and let you regain control. Also try turning in the opposite direction to the skid.

  • Turn with the skid in all-wheel drive

    In all-wheel drive cars, turn in the direction of the skid. Once you've straightened out, turn the wheel back.

  • Quick accelerations

    Use the clutch and accelerator to keep your motor in the right rev range. You want to get the most power without compromising traction. When you feel the tug of the motor, release the clutch evenly while feeding the throttle.

  • Traction control

    When you're going too fast and losing grip on the road electronic stability control can't help you. Stay in the speed range that your tyres can handle for whatever road condition you're on – whether wet, dry, snowy or otherwise.

  • Good brakes and tyres are everything

    Good brakes and tyres keep you out of trouble. Keep them in good shape to avoid a lot of trouble.



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