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Why Choose an Authorised Dealer?

Because only our Authorised Dealers can give you the peace of mind.

Why an Authorised Michelin Dealer

When you buy your MICHELIN tyres from a Michelin New Zealand Authorised Dealer, you can be 100% certain that the products are genuine and backed by Michelins’ local warranty. This means that in the unlikely event of a problem, your MICHELIN tyres will be repaired, inspected or replaced by a fully qualified Michelin trained technician, using only genuine and brand new parts.

Protection under New Zealand Law

In accordance with New Zealand laws, any issues relating to the product should be addressed to the supplier of the product. For tyres purchased from non-authorised sources, you will be required to return to your supplier and not to Michelin if you have any issues. By purchasing your tyres from authorised Michelin dealers, you can be assured that you will receive full support from Michelin if you have any questions or issues with your tyres.

Quality Control

When you purchase MICHELIN Tyres from Michelin New Zealand Authorised Dealers, you know you are buying genuine products that have followed strict international shipping and handling methods before reaching your car. When you buy from Michelin New Zealand Authorised Dealers, you know you’ve got a tyre that’s come direct from the factory to your car.

Expert Service and Advice

With so many varying opinions and options available for your car, nothing beats expert advice and hands-on experience. Buying your MICHELIN Tyres from an Authorised Dealer means the right fitment for your vehicle and safety.

Compliance with New Zealand Standards

Did you know your car manufacturer has specific tyre types or approvals that need to be met by tyre companies before it is approved to be on the road? This process is what the automotive industry calls ‘homologation’, meaning compliance or approval of a tyre for a specific car. Buying your MICHELIN Tyres from an Authorised Dealer means that the MICHELIN products that we sell you are compliant to your car manufacturers’ requirements, ensuring safety, peace-of-mind, performance and compliance with your car insurance company’s requirements.