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Passion for Driving

MICHELIN Motorsport Partners

Bringing performance and technology from the track to the tyre you drive on the streets.

Getting behind the wheel of a race car is an experience that transcends driving. To unleash the power of the driver and car the world's best racing teams turn to MICHELIN for their performance tyres.


Audi and Michelin’s relationship has encompassed four-wheel-drive success in the FIA World Rally Championship, the breakthrough victory for a diesel engine car in the Le Mans 24 Hours and hybrid technology at the heart of motorsport.

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Citroën and Michelin share a long industrial and sporting history and, together, the two firms have clinched five titles in both the FIA World Rally Championship and FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies.

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In addition to their 82 race wins and 19 titles in American endurance racing, Chevrolet-Corvette and Michelin have achieved regular triumphs in the GT class of the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours over the last 15 years.

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Since triumphing in the 1978 Brazilian Grand Prix, Ferrari and Michelin have enjoyed a particularly special relationship. Today, the two manufacturers are still winning together in endurance racing’s GT class, whilst Michelin equips Ferrari’s fastest road-going models.

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The famous American manufacturer and the Michelin Group have achieved title success together in the FIA World Rally Championship, and in 2016, Michelin will assist Ford in its official return to the Le Mans 24 Hours and participation in the FIA World Endurance Championship.

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In recent years, Hyundai Motor Group has become a true automotive heavyweight. In motorsport, the brand has similarly lofty ambitions and has chosen Michelin to bolster its quest for success.

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The independent British outfit and the global tyre giant have been rallying bedfellows since 1997 and, more recently, in circuit racing, too, with Bentley. Over the past two decades, M-Sport and Michelin have achieved sustained success in various championships.

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Porsche has entrusted Michelin to provide tyres for its most high-performance road-going models, one-make series and sporting events and was selected to partner the German manufacturer for its winning return to top-flight sportscar racing in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

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For more than two decades, Michelin has supported the world’s largest car manufacturer in all of its sporting programs from rallying to endurance racing and Formula 1...

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In 1987, Volkswagen called upon Michelin to equip its formidable, 652hp twin-engined Golf Pikes Peak. Close to the summit, victory was within sight when just two corners from the finish line, the car’s suspension buckled... Some years later, it was with a stage victory on the 2004 Dakar Rally that Volkswagen and the Michelin Group celebrated their first official sporting partnership.

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