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Winter Driving Tips

We rarely reach below freezing temperatures in Australia... Here are some winter driving tips for the odd occasion that you do decide to drive in the snow.

Air Pressure

Tyres lose pressure as the temperature drops. For example, if a tyre has a pressure of 2 bar (29 psi) at 20 °C (68 °F, the pressure may be only 1.8 bar (26 psi) at 0 °C (32 °F). So it’s really important to check your pressure at least once a month.

Adjusting pressure in cold temperatures

If you are adjusting your tyre pressure outside in ambient temperature, set it to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressures.

Adjusting pressure in warm temperatures

If you are adjusting your tyre pressure in a warm garage or workshop, add 0.2 bar (3 psi) to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressures. This will allow you to compensate for the cold temperature and run at the correct tyre pressure.


Why should I care about storage?

You can increase the life and performance of your tyres with proper handling and storage.

Steb by step:

1- Before removing your tyres, note their position on your car. Next winter, you should rotate their positions to balance their wear.
2- Clean your wheels and tyres with water and dry them well to limit any corrosion.
3- Remove any stones or debris that have been trapped in the tyre grooves.
4- Tyres should always be stored away from light, in a cool, dry and clean indoor environment; if tyres sit outdoors unused for long periods of time (a month or more), their surfaces become dry and surface cracks can appear.
5- Don’t store them near solvents (fuel, oils, etc.).

Before getting on the road

1- Plan your route and check the road conditions

Checking reports on road conditions will help you to make driving decisions and avoid dangerous situations. If conditions are particularly bad, you may want to stay off the roads.

2- Emergency phone numbers

Identify the person/people to call in case of emergency (ICE) by putting these three letters before their name(s) in your list of mobile phone contacts.

3- Check your fluids

Make sure that you always have at least half a tank of fuel to avoid a frozen fuel line. Also, carry extra windscreen fluid to ensure proper visibility.