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MICHELIN New Zealand

MICHELIN Light Truck Tyres

Improving savings and operational efficiency

MICHELIN Light Truck Tyres are dedicated to improving savings and operational efficiencies to fleets and owner-operators throughout New Zealand.

Why MICHELIN Light Truck Tyres?

MICHELIN’S light truck tyre range provides a solution to improve your operating costs and minimise the impact on the environment. MICHELIN'S light truck tyre range includes tyres in sizes 16”, 17.5” and 19.5” which are designed to cope with the demands of commercial vehicles. MICHELIN design robust tyres with metallic reinforcing and casing protection to prevent premature tyre damages meaning less downtime and reduced operating costs. MICHELIN tyres also benefit from tread patterns designed to reduce uneven wear and extend the life of the tyre – all while maintaining the tyre’s performance throughout its life

Productivity, safety, reliability, longevity and fuel savings are the major benefits you can expect from a quality MICHELIN Light Truck tyre.

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Feature Products


Features include: Michelin Durable Technologies Pattern with full depth ‘double wave sipes’ which ensures excellent grip throughout the entire life of the tyre. The robust steel casing, wide tread and Michelin Durable Technologies Pattern combine to reduce uneven wear and increase tyre life. The Michelin low rolling resistance casing and tread design delivers better fuel efficiency.


Features include: new generation tread pattern reduces uneven tyre wear and extends the first tyre life. The robust casing is designed to protect the casing from road hazards and to enhance endurance, thus reducing down time. The uniform footprint on the ground encourages regular wear and better tyre mileage. The specially designed rubber compound resists aggression from engine braking and torque.


Features include: 30% larger plies improve casing robustness and reduce damage failures. The tread compound is resistant to cut chip damages from rugged roads. The 10.5mm wide zigzag grooves offer better traction on rough road conditions.


Features include: Over 240 double wave and full depth sipes to provide outstanding grip. The longer and flatter crown profile reduces uneven wear delivering longer tyre life. The full steel casing is also regroovable to further reduce running costs.