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Michelin New Zealand

MICHELIN Truck Tyres

Committed to improving your bottom line.

Michelin Truck Tyres are dedicated to improving savings and operational efficiencies to fleets and owner-operators throughout New Zealand.

Why Michelin Truck Tyres?

Our tyres are the only component of the truck which directly link the vehicle to the road. We are committed to providing you with exemplary reliability so that each kilometer with MICHELIN brings you great peace of mind.

Safety First

  • Safety is the cornerstone of all our tyres. It starts at tyre conception and design, and is integrated at every stage of the manufacturing process.
  • MICHELIN tyres are designed for regrooving from the beginning.
  • MICHELIN retreading restores new tyre perforamnce.
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Contact Details

Tyreline Distributors
PO Box 8057

Phone: 0800 474 639
(9:00AM – 5:00PM your local time)