Experience and share our genuine passion that brings excellence to life.

MICHELIN Pilot Experience 2018

rebellion michelin harvests silverstone success

rebellion michelin harvests silverstone success

MICHELIN Motorsports

Going beyond the limits of excellence.

Experience the genuine passion that brings excellence to life. Get a close up look at some of the world’s best drivers, and discover the world of Michelin professional racing from around the world

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michelin guide malaysia

michelin guide malaysia

MICHELIN Guide, Experiences & Gastronomy

Enter the Michelin world of gastronomy and discover the best restaurants, eateries, hotels and dining experiences from around the world.

Hear passionate chef's stories, discover local highlights and stay up-to-date with the latest culinary trends and Michelin Starred restaurants from around the world.

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roborace michelin fisheye 2k

roborace michelin fisheye 2k

Michelin Official Tyre of Roborace

Roborace partners with the best suppliers in the world to push the limits of autonomous development to places never imagined. The tyres are critical as they must be capable of handling the speeds and rigours of a new format of racing when the Roborace series begins. Equally, the tyres must be suitable for use on standard road cars, as one of the key goals of the series is to develop software and hardware that accelerates the speed to market of driverless technology that will benefit the end consumer.

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