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SUV and Crossover tyre that features outstanding fuel efficiency and long tread life coupled with impressive on-road comfort and handling.


Why is this the right tyre for me?

Car picto 02 consumes less fuel tyres

Car picto 02 consumes less fuel tyres

Save up to 310 litres of fuel over the life of the tyres*

Special tread compounds help reduce rolling resistance of the tyre, resulting in improved engine fuel efficiency.


* Fuel savings are estimates based on comparative rolling resistance testing between MICHELIN Latitude Tour tyres and Goodyear Fortera SilentArmor tyres. Actual savings may vary.

Car picto gif 10 no slipping wet roads tyres

Car picto gif 10 no slipping wet roads tyres

Greater confidence in wet conditions

Special rubber compounds and wide groove tread design help the MICHELIN Latitude Tour tyre stop 5% shorter than its predecessor.*


* Based on Michelin internal wet braking test results versus MICHELIN Cross Terrain tyres.

Car picto gif 06 quiet ride tyres

Car picto gif 06 quiet ride tyres

Enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride

MICHELIN Comfort Control Technology™ uses computer-optimised design and precision manufacturing to reduce vibrations and road noise.


Standard Limited Warranty

All MICHELIN tyres have a Standard Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, which covers defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original usable tread, or for 6 years from date of purchase, whichever occurs first.

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1222 reviews
5 / 5

Unbeatable tread life!

KimC - July 29, 2019

I have 92,000 miles on my Latitide Tour tires right now and still have a good bit of wear left in them. 100,000 mile tires easy and ride really well on my 2016 GMC Terrain. Best tires I have ever had.

1 / 5

These tires don't last!

J Yard - July 18, 2019

I bought a set of these Michelin 34560R18 tires in 2017. I have done regular tire rotations and maintenance on my 2016 Pilot since that time. Now 25,000 miles later, my auto guys are telling me I need new tires.

4 / 5

2014 Dodge Durango

Juma - June 28, 2019

This were factory equipment on my Durango. I have driven these tires with all kinds of driving styles (like and old man, like a teen-ager, everything in between, on-road, off-road, high-speed interstates, broken 2 lanes, mountain roads, snow, ice, mud, gravel, towing a boat, and towing a 14 foot tandem axle trailer. The Good: Overall I have been mostly pleased with them, which is to say that I don't dislike the tire, but I'm not in love with them either (compared to some other Michelin models I've had that swore by and wouldn't have ever considered a different brand/model for that vehicle). They do deliver outstanding fuel efficiency and handle reasonably well in that I haven't had many complaints with them driving throughout the Ohio Valley states. Traction on-road has never been much of a problem (though you can easily spin all 4 tires (in my v6 powered full-time locked AWD when taking off hard), and the tires corner and brake well in all conditions. I have 72000 miles on them and am ready to replace them. It's hard to complain about a tire that has outlasted it's mileage rating, but unlike some other Michelins that I've owned, I can't say I love them. I find myself looking at other possible replacement options that provide a little more versatility (light gravel, wet grass, light mud traction, with better road noise isolation) without compromising efficiency. The not so great: as another reviewer had mentioned, the tires developed deep cracks around the full circumference where the tread meets the sidewall on all 4 tires after about 20,000 miles which I chose to live with and it has not been a problem with the exception of having to argue with tire techs to fix flats, they ride fairly stiffly as they aged, and transmit road noise through the SUV interior as they have aged. They have abysmal off-pavement traction (packed crushed gravel roads and light mud). For comparison, I felt that the Michelin MXV4 model tire (another on-road tire) provided excellent light off-road traction, great handling, great life, and good fuel efficiency that it is difficult not to compare this tire to.

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2 sizes available for this tyre


225/65R17 102T
Width 225
Aspect Ratio 65
Rim Size 17
Load Index 102
Speed Index T
245/60R18 105T
Width 245
Aspect Ratio 60
Rim Size 18
Load Index 105
Speed Index T

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