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MICHELIN Classic Tyres

Authenticity and Technological Know-how

Authenticity and technological know-how

Michelin today offers a range of tyres for classic cars which will fit a number of vehicles made between the Thirties and the end of the Seventies.

Michelin expertise...

Michelin’s choice of continuous innovation and technological leadership can be found in this Collection range. These tyres benefit from the progress made in grip on rubber mixings. However, the dynamic characteristics of these tyres remain entirely appropriate in association with those of the vehicles of time.

Made in small production runs, often by hand, these tyres call on the technical skills and the know-how of the finest craftsmen.

In keeping with the standards of the age

The technological excellence of this range goes hand in hand with the historical authenticity of the vehicles. These tyres, reproducing the exact configuration of the model of the time in terms of size, tread pattern and aspect ratio thus ensure that the vehicle remains entirely in keeping with the period.

In this way, Michelin, by offering you a tyres which is both safe and historically accurate, intend to make their contribution to safeguarding, promoting and perpetuating motoring heritage.

Tyres made for fitment of classic cars - F.I.V.A. definition of a classic car :

• which is at least 30 years old,

• which is preserved and maintened in a historically correct condition,

• which is not used as a means of daily transport,

• and which is therfore a part of our technical and cultural heritage.