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MICHELIN offers a complete range of tyres whatever your vehicle. Browse our tyre catalog by vehicle type to find the tyre that best suits your needs.

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Electric & hybrid

Do electric cars need special tyres? How to choose the best tyres for electric cars? First, what you need to know is that Electric car tyres have to cope with extra vehicle weight, rapid acceleration (torque), no engine noise and battery drain. Fitting your EV with the best electric car tyres ensures you get optimal performance from your vehicle in terms of range, longevity (mileage), silence in the cab, driving experience and safety (1). You know what? All MICHELIN tyres are suitable for EVs. Find yours.

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Light commercial

Find tyres for your commercial light truck. MICHELIN Agilis tyres are designed for a professional usage and are perfect for Vanlifers explorer as camper tyres. Michelin all terrain van tyres will help you face all situations and weather conditions. Focus on your business and your trips, Michelin have your back!


Luxury performance touring

Looking for a performance upgrade? Look no further than MICHELIN Luxury Performance tyres. The perfect accompaniment to luxury touring vehicles, like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or Volvo to name a few, these luxury touring tyres offer a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride. Premium precision handling and safety make it obvious why these tyres deserve the term "luxury."

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Passenger car

Looking for new tyres for your car? Discover the MICHELIN passenger car tyres. We design passenger car tyres so that you can make the most of your driving experience, whether you're commuting or travelling. The latest MICHELIN passenger car tyres are designed to deliver high standard of performance up until their legal wear limit (1) and keep you safe and in control on the road. Find yours.

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Unlock your potential! Rely on our SUV tyres to get you there. MICHELIN offer a complete range of SUV tyres to meet your needs. MICHELIN SUV tyres are designed to support the weight and load of SUVs while providing high level of safety, dynamic handling, and longevity. Find yours!

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Ultra high performance sport

Heighten your senses! Discover MICHELIN latest ultra high performance tyres for your Sport and Premium vehicles, and enhance your driving experience. On the road or track, live each driving moment to the fullest with our best performance tyres. Find yours.

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