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MICHELIN offers a complete range of tyres for every type of motorcycle. Browse our tyre catalog by riding experience to find the tyre that best suits your needs.

Browse by riding experience

Touring tyres

Roadtrips are amazing, with their long straight lines slicing through the landscape as far as the eye can see, feeding your imagination. For your comfort and safety, our tyres bring together a range of technologies to optimise your handling and grip.

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Sport / Hyper-sport tyres

Seeker of thrills and looking for better performance? Discover our range designed specifically for sporty driving with confidence.

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Off Road tyres

Getting back to nature and being constantly on the look-out, Off-roading is one of the most demanding ways to ride. Our complete range of Motocross, Enduro, Trial, Rally and off-road tyres was designed by riders. We have the right tyres for you, no matter what surface you prefer.

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Custom tyres

For all freedom enthusiasts, Michelin offers a range of tyres combining design and comfort for safe rides.

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Adventure tyres

There's nothing like the joy of a day out with friends, sharing unique moments. Discover our exhaustive range of tyres, proven to last even longer. We'll exceed your expectations on safety and comfort by teaming our technology with your most scenic routes.

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Racing / Track tyres

The adrenaline rush of the race, powerful bikes and precision lines are at the heart of motorcycle racing. Our track racing tyre ranges provide you with more performance and optimum safety. To get the most out of your motorbike's performance on the track, Michelin recommends our MICHELIN Power range of sports tyres including the MICHELIN Power Rain, MICHELIN Power Slick Evo and the MICHELIN Power Cup Evo.

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Scooter tyres

From commuting to leisure, Michelin offer a range of motorcycle tyres to tackle urban conditions. Our tyres are optimised to suit demanding and reactive riding. The commuter tyres' renowned technologies guarantee excellent grip and optimal, long-lasting handling.

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